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Feb 25, 2012 7:30pm PST
-- we netherlands you need to do in the u.s. and in san francisco specific, but just pick out the things that are useful for you and translate them into u.s. opportunities in san francisco, new opportunities. it's not my task to say you must do it like we do in the netherlands. i'll just show you what we do in the netherlands. and about myself, my name is hillie talens, as you were already told. i work for krowell, which is an n.g.o. and not for profit company, and i work as a bicycle ambassador for the dutch cycling council. on this slide you can see are my hobbies. my greatest passion are turtles. i've checked them since i was a little girl and i can be very philosophic about it but that is for lunch break. and another hobby of mine is traveling and that comes together with my profession very well because now i'm here and i live in the netherlands. how far can you travel? making pictures, photographer is -- photography is another way of fend spending my free time and in my slides you will see some results of that hobby and combine that with traveling all over the world, you have nice c
Feb 4, 2012 12:48pm PST
the u.s. and we will be in that other big california city, los angeles, in a few other days. thursday, and -- thursday and friday. and i was convinced quite easily about the use to have these kind of work shops in l.a. but i thought san francisco, there's so much going on already. we had leah and for almost nine months in amsterdam and chairman david chiu and others for a week. and there is such great organization here and there are so many ideas. there are so many professional little here already about bike infrastructure and the future of biking. but it will come down to implementation and it's perhaps a bit like riding the wiggle. you have to push hard and hopefully we might be a sort of additional support, a sort of small electricity motor for you to push your -- up that hill. and it will come down to implementation and leadership and it's great to have a sort of down to earth approach during these two days. working in teams on i think three important places in town. market, mid market. there's a lot going on. last week we had people from one of the biggest and the great
Feb 22, 2012 11:00am PST
we also welcome our listening and viewing audience, and we invite everyone to visit us online. now, it is my pleasure to introduce our distinguished moderator who helped us all together today's panel. he is a technology veteran with operating in investing experience in technology businesses and the ceo of a premier north american publication with data center facilities, virtual private clouds, managed hosted platforms in san francisco, los angeles, and a nationwide high- performance backbone. it is also the managing partner of excellent capital, a private equity firm investing in growth stage companies. previously, was the co-founder of centera, the leading provider of wireless base stations. prior to that, he worked at national semiconductor, where he led the development and commercialization of internet networking products. he has been -- he has a degree in management from stanford, an ms from the university of central florida, and a degree in electrical engineering from the indian institute technology, bombay. he has authored numerous publications and has over 50 u.s. patents. >
Feb 26, 2012 10:30am PST
to be here and grace us and honor us with your presence. your 17 grammys are just so unprecedented. you just won two more this past week, and what a wonderful career. congratulations, tony. i want to thank our school of the arts. i want to thank our boys and girls choruses. thank you. wonderful performances. it is a fitting tribute that our boys and girls choruses and ouryouth -- our yout are here today to perform because they reflect tony's dedicated career to ensure the future of arts education. we have seen what he has done and seen what his support is, and he is encouraging youth to be leaders on and off the stage, to make sure they grow up with the values and the shared values that he has. this is such a wonderful opportunity. i also want to thank some of the school kids especially here today. we have kids from our tenderloin community school. thank you for being here. [applause] all right. we also have, for the first time, at the request of -- the idea ofcesa -- that cesar chavez elementary school wanted us to webcast this live, so we did it for them. wherever you are, welcome. [applau
Feb 1, 2012 8:48pm PST
used, along with the salesforce funding is what is known as hprp, federal stimulus money. it stands for homeless prevention and rapid rehousing program, which has an ending date of june 30 of this year, 2012. so it will allow us to continue on with providing rental subsidy and homeless prevention funds to our homeless constituents. supervisor chu: thank you very much. you have a sense of what the value of the sale would be? >> from what we have gathered, it is in the $400,000 range. supervisor chu: ok, thank you. supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos: thank you for your presentation. it is great to have funds like this to support homeless services, and i want to thank the family of leila boroughs in that. to follow our financial policies though, this is one-time monies. so are we waiving our financial policies if we are going to be paying for ongoing -- we have to pay for capital and not for ongoing shelter services? >> no, this is not for shelter services. this is for homeless prevention services, which could be paying back-rent, late on electric bills, telephone bills. it could be
Feb 7, 2012 8:48pm PST
in the crown. we have a black women's during the waters with us today. gamma phi delta sorority. the museum of the african diaspora. the national coalition of 100 black women, san francisco chapter. the it san francisco chapter of the links inc.. let us give them a round of applause. [applause] these are all code-presenters of this event. it is a portrait these organizations are here. the theme for black history this month is black women in american culture and history. all these organizations are organizations of black women who do an outstanding and amazing job. i would also like to acknowledge members of the official family, supervisor malia cohen, supervisor, fifth district, supervisor chu, supervisor olague, and supervisor weiner. i am going to miss some people. we have port commissioner kim brandon with us today. [applause] and a host of others. i am sure i will get the names as they come up. i would like to thank you for being here, and welcome. we are going to start the program with an indication by reverend carolyn dyson. reverend dyson, who is going to do the indication for us, al
Feb 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
under a bushel. >> there were also strong words from u.s. defense secretary leon panetta over iran. even before arriving at the conference, he said, "we have all options on the table." there is also growing speculation israel might attack iran with or without the u.s. the german approach is very different. >> we want iran to clearly in verifiably show that it is not seeking nuclear weapons. that is why we have implemented sanctions. the sanctions are unprecedented, and the more states that participate, the quicker they will have an effect. >> participants will be debating a whole host of security issues right through the weekend, but iran remains number one. >> our chief political correspondent is in munich right now. we spoke to her earlier and asked about some of the main themes. >> one of the main themes that is emerging is the link between economics and security at the opening discussion this afternoon. speakers noted that germany, as the continent's economic powerhouse, or as one for the separate but it, as europe's main shareholder, should be playing a larger leadership role, both
Feb 15, 2012 3:48am PST
old positions that are probably not used anymore. as i look at that, the one exception is there is about six positions that appear to be genuine new positions. they don't show up because you are transferring some folks out. it does appear to be new positions. my question is, given the low workload is decreasing and there are people we value and want to continue as it transitions, are there not opportunities or why are there not opportunities to do that kind of substitution and transfer instead of hiring new positions? >> good question. if we did not transfer 13 positions to another part of the organization, i would do that. i would substitute these positions, but it made sense that those people who have worked on it and have the knowledge and classifications already have, it paid better sense to move those over and the type of positions i'm asking for when you look at it is more administrative. we are requiring everyone to put information and construction management information system. we're having engineers spend a lot of time putting information into systems and so we
Feb 5, 2012 4:00am EST
're headed back to the "top producer" senator to talk to bob utterback and greg gold. please stay with us. >> building equality for 100 years... turn to morton to make your dreams come true. top producer seminar this week, >> with three veteran market experts at the "top producer" seminar this week, i began by asking bab utterback about the -- bob utterback about the nearly unthinkable possibility of another disappointing corn crop in 2012. >> what happens is prices will stay in the upper $6 range. maybe even $7. i would challenge you -- i will revert back to that we have kind of fallen in love with the high profit levels we'd seen in the marketplace. >> what's not to love, bob? >> it's not normal. it's abnormal to have all this over production costs. i would say if you look at historical averages, 50 to 70 dollars is more the norm. so... and i think we're on a supply growth curve over the next three to five years, where the demand curve is starting to flatten out. ethanol usage is not going to explode. i would suggest to you exports are going to be good but not at a heavy rate. so we're
Feb 25, 2012 6:00am EST
to learn how to use google in a better way. i use google every day, dozens of times a day. i use google to find a way to the store. i am not in anyway going to advocate that we not use google, but i'm going to advocate the use google and a wiser way, not just a smarter way, a wise way. i want us to understand that google has biases and limitations in its algorithms and google is a company, a publicly traded company that best satisfy the desires of shareholders to enhance values and that's it job and it's been so good at that, so wealthy that it can afford to be good and so it has for the most part and even when it's bad that thinks it's been good which is part of the problem. but with all that, we could be better. the real problem is we are so addicted to the speed and convenience of that lovely set of results that come from a set of 10, and value attached to each and we trust it. we trusted so much that almost nobody clicks past result number three in the first page of results, let alone the second page. that's absurd. in fact, next time you do a google search, click on the second page
Feb 12, 2012 10:00am PST
quote . >> good job, demetria. >> welcome, i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. familiar social issues led the religion news this week. in washington, the obama administration worked to resolve the huge controversy surrounding its decision not to exempt religiously affiliated organizations like charities and hospitals from its policy that under the new healthcare law, employers would have to provide their employees with insurance
Feb 5, 2012 10:00am PST
quote with us. at the national prayer breakfast in washington, president obama said his faith plays a large role in public policy. he quoted scripture to plain why he wants to eliminate some tax breaks for the wealthy. >> i think that's going to make economic sense, but for me as a christian it coincides with jesus's teachers for to whom much is given, much shall be required.
Feb 3, 2012 6:30pm EST
praise and honor to god for bringing us together here today. i want to thank our co-chairs, mark and jeff, to my dear friend, the guy who always has my back, vice president biden, all the members of congress. joe deserves a hand. [ applause ] >> all the members of congress and my cabinet who are here today, all the distinguished guests who have traveled a long way to be part of this. i'm not going to be as funny as eric, but i'm grateful that he shared his message with us. michelle and i feel truly blessed to be here. this is my third year coming to this prayer breakfast as president. as jeff mentioned, before that i came as senator. i have to say it's easier coming as president. i don't have to get here quite as early. but it's always been an opportunity that i cherished, a chance to step back for a moment, for us to come together as brothers and sisters, see god's face together. at a time when it's easy to lose ourselves in the rush and clamor of our own lives or get caught up in the noise and rancor that too often passes as politics today. these moments of prayer slow us down. they hum
Feb 10, 2012 6:48pm PST
because i'm not a media artist per se but i have used the medium because it seemed to be the one that could allow me to convey the sounds and images here. memorials to me are different from artworks. they are artistic, but memorials have a function. >> it is a beautiful scupltural objective made with bronze and lined with red wood from water tanks in clear lake. that is the scupltural form that gives expression to maya's project. if you think about a cone or a bull horn, they are used to get the attention of the crowd, often to communicate an important message. this project has a very important message and it is about our earth and what we are losing and what we are missing and what we don't even know is gone. >> so, what is missing is starting with an idea of loss, but in a funny way the shape of this cone is, whether you want to call it like the r.c.a. victor dog, it is listen to the earth and what if we could create a portal that could look at the past, the present and the future? >> you can change what is then missing by changing the software, by changing what is projected an
Feb 24, 2012 9:00pm PST
of economic and workforce development. this will help us reach out to businesses that need to apply for this program, because they were not aware of it. in summary, the commission recommends approval with modifications of the proposed ordinance. the recommended modifications would include increased opportunities lengthening the window for initial request an increase structure for achieving legitimization by adding a timeline for submitting applications. a member from the supervisor's office would like to express her thoughts on this. >> thank you for hearing this item. planning staff has already articulate to the ordinance before you today, as proposed to be modified. it would be a six month extension to the eastern neighborhood legitimization neighborhood, and when the application materials need to be submitted to the department. this was an ordinance the supervisor introduced at the request of the eastern neighborhoods supervisory committee, who had expressed concerns in wanting to have a little more time. i know we share the desire to have a little more time to work with the depa
Feb 4, 2012 6:48am PST
out of it to possibly be used in a court of law. throwing out 1200 cases related to tainted dna and other items. you're just creating amount of paperwork here that is going nowhere. i think part of citizenship and part of a citizens obligation is that if they want to fill out a police report, go to a translator, fill out a report, and then take it to the sfpd in both versions would be a better way to go. there are translating departments in every community of this city, as far as i know. but to have a policeman waiting to translate whatever language that you happen to speak, that is not english, that is not part of the policeman's profile or the city and county profile, and if you looked at the break down in cost for languages in this city, there are only several that have transparency is in terms of translations. almost 90% are used one to four times a year. that is the remaining 100 or so. so i think you should look at this in terms of a cost basis as well and set some of the citizens or non-citizens straight that they have on their own volition to make the best attempted to d
Feb 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
to represent us in i understand yam -- represent us in india, she had has served tours of duty in india and bang deshshe is one of our best and it is only appropriate that she be tasked with one of the state department's most important postings. i think ambassador powell would agree with me that the u.s. and india interests and values are converging today as perhaps never before and consequently america is an interested stakeholder in india's assent t economic and greater global power and participation. india's economy isrojected to be the third largest in the near future and total trade between our countries reached 73 billion in 2010 and could exceed 100 billion this year. in defense, our security cooperation has grown and now india conducts more military exercises than any other country. education is fast become one of the strongest links between the nations. i'm looking forward to building on the progress we made last fall. whether it's helping india to build a network of mm creating l opportunities via the internet, we can give million office people a greater set of choices and opp
Feb 8, 2012 5:00am EST
partnerships in u.s. foreign policy. there are few relationships that will be as vital in this century as the grows ties with the people of india. in all of the global challenges that we face, india has an important role, we will be looking to them for cooperation and innovation and regional leadership. india's significance has been clear to many of us right now. i traveled to india and took one of the first business trade missions right after the economic reforms were first put in place and i have been there many times since. and and president obama immediately upon entering office inviting prime minister sing to be his guest at the very first state dinner. secretary clinton has visited india twice and both countries inaugurated the strategic dialog two years ago. republicans and democrats alike understand the need to capitalize on the democratic values and strategic interests that our two countries share, that is why it's important that we work together every day, as i believe we are right now, to further cultivate the relationship. we are pleased that president obama has nominated n
Feb 9, 2012 2:30am EST
us paying at what we are right now is a real competitive disadvantage, because they have additional after-tax funds that they can continue to reinvest in their global networks they don't have. >> and they compete with you here and abroad? >> yes, sir. >> our main competitors are at&t and verizon, as well as the satellite companies, directv and dish. and obviously we compete globally in the capital markets for investments. and farce the impact on the communications industry, i think verizon and at&t are much more similar to us than maybe even the satellite companies, although the difference is that large. we're all capital intensive companies. for us, tax reform is more about getting the economy stabilize and growing, because that's where our growth is going to come from. >> even though you don't compete -- i'm trying to get more of an answer from you. i don't want to put words in your mouth. maybe i can tell you what i'm trying to do and then you can answer. even though you don't have a quote, unquote, international competitor, you're competing internationally for capital. >> yes. >
Feb 26, 2012 10:30am EST
and the involvement of each one of us. this conflict is the reason why most of you are in uniform. and some of you will be going overseas. service men. families of service men. and civilians working for the department of defense. because of this conflict, many of you are already abroad. more than 1 million americans in 91 foreign countries. first and foremost, of course, americans are overseas to help preserve the peace, by maintaining an alert readiness to meet the threat of aggression. america's armed forces in concert with those of its allies are serving as a deterrent to war. some of you may wonder how directly involved in the contest you are or will be. perhaps your active duty is behind you or soon will be. and with it, you may believe your involvement in the contest ends. but the truth is that involvement in this condition flikt is far ranging indeed. it touches not only members of the armed forces and their families but everyone who supports the mission of the armed forces. every defense worker, every t taxpayer who foots the bill. who, in fact, is not involved? and the conflict itself. ho
Feb 27, 2012 12:30am EST
and costly gamble, they have begun to talk more and more about the ability to win from us in the arena of ideas. this, of course, is fine with us. for we are a people with a traditionally great faith in our ideas. the ideas that have moved mountains and created wealth and shaped us as free men. and we are confident that history can do no other than award us the victory and any contest in which ideas are the weapon. >> but i would like to say this. confidence by itself without effort does not win contests. victory in this conflict depends on much, much more than confidence. it is a contest unlike any we have ever faced in our history as a nation. it is total competition with an antagonist who is putting into it everything within his capability. it is not a conflict between peoples. but between basic values and systems of government. between the principles of life each believes in. when we talk of these conflicting values, we are obliged to speak of that special quality which we call for want of a better phrase, individual liberty. and when we talk of this liberty in america, we talk wit
Feb 1, 2012 7:00pm PST
into this story. tell us what's happening over at the tse. >> >> catherine, the tokyo stock exchange have told us there's been a glitch in the system since the 9:00 a.m. open. one of the majors not trading like sony and sony has earnings today. now, we are getting updated on this every minute. we have romin. what can you tell us? >> thank you very much, ai. quite a lot of developments. some glitches occurred in the data distribution system. it stopped trading on 241 issues. the tse says that a malfunction occurred in the system server. it is now checking the cause and it's trying to restore it. the tse says some problems occurred in a part of the system called arrowhead. this made it impossible to provide information to investors around 241 issues including power companies and manufacturers, major issues affected include komatsu, hitachi and sony. as you said, sony coming out with earnings after the bell today. so it's not clear at this point when the system will return to normal. the tse says for the nikkei and topics indexes information is being provided to investors as normal except on those 2
Feb 18, 2012 12:18pm PST
such a great crowd here for what for us is an extremely important event. my name is ed reiskin. i'm the transportation director here in san francisco and very pleased to welcome you all here this morning for what we expect will be a very lively and productive couple of days here in san francisco. the san francisco m.t.a. is the agency that's charged with implementing the city's transit first policy, which is about getting people out of their cars and into more sustainable modes of transportation, such as bikes, such as walking and transit in our great muni system. as someone who myself gets around the city often by bike, and i do that by choice, but more importantly, i'm given the charge of our agency to get folks out oaf their cars. i can't tell you how exciting it is for me to think all of the brain power and enthusiasm for cycling that's in this room are going to spend the next two days working with us to help us figure out how we can do every -- even better. although we've done a lot in terms of bicycling and increasing the mode of bicycling as a transportation of choice and w
Feb 20, 2012 12:18pm PST
is a painting that goes a ways back. it was in 1983, i think. both of us on a newly restored cable car, and celebrating the return of the cable cars and also "i left my heart in san francisco." you have helped put san francisco on the map and kept it there with that beautiful song. thank you and congratulations. >> ♪ in san francisco >> i guess you recognize where i am. you left your heart and lots of memories for thousands and thousands of patrons for the san francisco symphony. most recently, you were here with k.d. lang and you all were having the best time. it was for the black and white ball, and you made us have a wonderful time, as you always have. what i really remember is when you were here, sitting right up there was her royal majesty queen elizabeth of england. you made her smile. you made her laugh. the show was by beach blanket babylon and cast of about 1000. mary margaret sanger "getting to know all about you" and you ended the show with your song, "i left my heart in san francisco." you have left it here, but please come back many times because your heart is waiting fo
Feb 23, 2012 1:00pm PST
property owners can seek amnesty and legalize their uses that are operating without proper permits. this has more detailed information about that. in my presentation today, we will talk about the background to the introduction of this ordinance, and talk about department recommendations and are out which about this program. the eastern neighborhoods plan sought to balance uses and provide this balance. one goal was to provide a space for needed production and distribution businesses in the area to ensure a sufficient prd 0 -- dpr space. -- pdr space. there were not sufficient offices. no new spaces could be permitted. the reason some existing businesses had not been legally permitted before the eastern neighborhood area plan -- the area plan also established a time-limited amnesty program. this program would allow property owners of nonconforming uses to comply and seek amnesty and legitimize the nonconforming use. this amnesty was offered for three years and expired on january 19, 2012. recently, the eastern neighborhood cac asked for a an extension, and this is a response to that
Feb 15, 2012 6:48am PST
roups the to the region responders throughout the communities. we also use video and data, so this system would be fantastic to help us pass the information through, and finally, puc is doing work regionally to enhance our own communications, which could be leveraged with the bay project, and we are in communications with these issues. do you have any questions? >> i do not believe we do at the moment. >> our last speaker is the co- chair of the urban security initiative, and he is the sharapova -- the chair of the apa, so i thought it would be applicable to have him speak. >> i will be brief. almost everything has been said that needs to be said about the importance of this system. as a member and participant from day one, san francisco has been a great partner regionally, particularly with this project, and it is very critical that we all keep our partnership going. there are a couple of cities and it may not be able to be first in, but as was noted, the city of oakland will be covered, so they will not really be out. there will be a matter of them when they get a chance to
Feb 25, 2012 5:00pm PST
sought legitimization. was there barrier? this time extension, i think, allows us to work with the department on that type of outrage. -- out reach. president miguel: thank you. is there any public comment on this item? >> sue hester. other than developer's attorney, and probably the only one who reads these requests and tries to read the files. i applaud the deadline. i think the deadline for taking out a permit is needed and is really appreciated. here are my observations. the staff work on this is very uneven. there is a tendency to take as gospel that which is submitted by the developer. there is less of a tendency to actually pull all the permits. i have made repeated attempts with ddi -- dbi to have an explanation of what the term "office" uses in a building permit. factories always tend to have an office, and the offices tend to be remodeled in to take out a permit. that is extraordinarily spotty checking of actual plans. the building permit office was a 200 square foot an entire floor. i am getting tired of being lead detective on all of this stuff. it is derek ex
Feb 1, 2012 11:48pm PST
infrastructure that everyone can use. i want to highlight again the commercial systems we are using, that while they work, they have lots of problems. many of us have experienced large sporting events where deputies and police officers are there, but they are unable to communicate with their data because everybody else brings the system down. a large number of the size of the van with required -- of the bandwidth required, and one thing is they are pushing out video from the buses right into the police cars, so there will of some of the incidents that unfortunately occur on the buses. i want to talk a second about the timing of this. i had an opportunity to me with the ntia a month ago and i asked if there was any way that there would be an extension on the grant. so that we could have more time to get these negotiations completed. the answer was unequivocal no. this was the last chance, do it now or do not do it at all. we see this as a great opportunity. supervisor campos: thank you -- supervisor kim:. thank you. >supervisor avalos: why was the answer no? >> the finding -- funding comes throu
Feb 15, 2012 6:30pm EST
her-- drove her out on a ledge. elizabeth palmer reports on the crisis that may threaten the u.s. recovery. as china's next president visits the u.s., bill whitaker investigates whether china is undermining our industry. and his supreme court appeal cannot be denied. but jim axelrod will talk to the coaches who passed on jeremy lin. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. much of the world is lined up against iran's nuclear program. israel is threatening to go to war over it, and the u.s. is pushing for extreme new sanctions. so you might not expect the iranians to go on tv to brag about their nuclear achievements, but today, the iranian president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, claimed that his country has made an important advance in the process of enriching uranium, which is necessary to make the fuel for a bomb. we asked david martin to find out what the iranian development means. >> reporter: iran's president may have impressed his own people by showcasing his country's latest advances in nuclear technology, but experts li
Feb 28, 2012 8:30pm PST
the building uses, we also encourage seeing in design is reality. then make the tweaks necessary or fix the problem. >> don't touch that bike. >> we have bicycle racks and what other features in our kitchen? >> we have the motion censors. daylighting >> motion censors are required now. when you walk in, you are triggering a light. it's not like switches. that allows the lights to go out when it senses nobody has been moving for a while. what if i fall asleep at my desk. >> these actually have sonic detection as well. if you are sitting very still, it will still pick it up >> we have sky lights. and these light fixtures are a really great sustainability story. they are old traffic lights that have been recycled. to get consumers to reduce draws. all the cabinets are ago materials. this is another sustainable material. it's a renewable product. >> how about the flooring? >> the flooring is a low voc non-vinyl tile. it has none of the detriments of vinyl. we have the recycling area where paper, glass and aluminum. >> compost. >> i will show i some of the office and how we operate. this is
Feb 2, 2012 12:30pm EST
. chairman. >> thank you. you have indulged us for 2 1/2 hours. i appreciate your patience. the hearing is adjourned. >> thank you. >>> republicans presidential candidates are in nevada today campaigning ahead of saturday's caucuses there. mitt romney began the day in las vegas and has a rally this afternoon in reno. newt gingrich started the morning touring manufacturing facility in las vegas. he'll then take part in a hispanic leadership roundtable in las vegas. that will be about 1:00 p.m. eastern. rick santorum visited builders at a henderson omelette house this morning. he then heads to fallon for a news conference at 7:00. and ron paul is hosting a rally in elko in northeast nevada in the late afternoon before he appears at another rally this evening in reno. donald trump is making a political announcement this afternoon at his hotel in las vegas. reports earlier said he intends to endorse mitt romney for the presidential about it. we're planning live coverage of that event scheduled for 3:30 eastern this afternoon. and nevada's republican caucuses are this coming saturday. c-span
Feb 13, 2012 10:30pm EST
are looking to you to lead us, and i'm really excited to be here to offer a partnership with us to amplify all the great work you're doing. thank you so much. >> mayors and i thought we might take an opportunity to take some questions from arianna. so any questions? >> do you have one? >> i have one. yeah. you mentioned the innovative things that mayors are doing around the country. share with us some of the things you think the congress ought to be doing right now to put people back to work. our number one goal is focusing on the economy. and as you said, they haven't done a whole lot in that regard. >> well, absolutely. and another thing that's very dear to your heart, antonio. but i believe there's absolutely no excuse for not having a great public/private infrastructure problem. i mean, our bridges, our infrastructure is crumbling. even if we were employment, we would have an infrastructure problem. so there's absolutely no justification for not having one, including the manufacturing sector. i was recently flying to brazil because we are launching the huffington post there. and with me we
Feb 11, 2012 6:30pm EST
. $4 billion a year in research and development. >> where are you based and how large in the u.s.? >> we are based in sweden. it is a swedish company, however u.s. is our largest market, both volume wise. we have 16,000 employees in the north american market today. >> when mobile phones in the u.s. started to become the thing, the ericsson was a brand name but not today, why is that? >> in the beginning of the mobile networks, the mobile phone was an extension of the networks. we actually started the mobile networks, there was a brand name. after a year, couple of years we made a joint venture with sony that has been going on for 10 years. in october time frame, we are selling that back to sony. sony will now run the mobile handset. so we are leading the handset. it was an extension of the mobile network. today, the mobile phone is so much more than the extension of the network. >> why are you leaving the joint venture with sony-ericsson. >> today, it is much more than the voice gadget. it's a gadget -- we are investing the technology that is inside. we are developing things insi
Feb 10, 2012 9:48pm PST
purview and we would potentially go forward with the land use hearing. but depending on the timing, i am open to discussion on the timing issue. and any other discussion you would like to have. >> a good afternoon. there are two items before you, i planning code text change and a corresponding zoning map amendment. both of these items have been presented to the commission twice before. they were introduced on may 3 of last year and there haveç beeno extensions. the deadline for the commission to hear this is tomorrow, so unless the deadline is extended, he can take it on to the land use committee without any further action by you. since the legislation and department recommendations have been presented to the commission, things have not significantly changed since the last hearing. i will focus on a broad overview of the legislation since the item was last presented. they propose to make changes based on current policies like the city's transit first policy and encouraging affordable housing. the primary thrust is to rationalize some areas of the planning code, such as recognizing tran
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